1. LARA images

    How should I record past hours in logbook?

    Hi there, I'm a new Phantom 4 Pro pilot, and I'm going to take my 107 exam tomorrow! My question involves my previous hours as private pilot. I want to include those hours in my drone logbook, but I'm wondering should I just include my hours as pilot-in-command, or do I carry forward all my...
  2. F

    F/S 3DR Solo Like New

    Hello, I am new on here and have a few of these available. They are the 3DR Solo's and each one is in the box with all of the accessories/controller. Used once and no longer needed. I am in the Boca Raton/South Florida area and can meet up in person. No shipping. $225 each. Thanks, Jay
  3. petaqui

    To Phantom or not to Phantom? That's the question

    Hi guys! I'm new at the forum, I've reading your threads and discussions for days, trying to solve my doubts, but still in problems... that's why I decided to create this topic. I'm a Pharmacist working in Spain, pretty young also (25 years old) but with lot of experience in photography, both...
  4. unclejas

    Labor Day Weekend 2015 in USA. Where are you going to fly?

    I'll be home mostly, but I'll film in and around Houston, TX. My dad and I fly every weekend. He owns a Solo and I have a P3P. We fly our birds simultaneously in the same field usually. He goes one direction and I head another. Of course, Labor Day itself will be a boon as we DJI customers...