1. N

    solder temperature?

    I am looking for some advice on soldering new motors to the esc modules on my Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. What temperature do you recommend I that set the solder station at? I don't want to overheat any of the components and I did not see anywhere on the boards recommendations for temperature range I...
  2. G

    DJI F450 Motor Replacement Instructions Tips - polarity soldering

    Hello I am new to this model knowing the DJI Phantom 2 more I have a DJI F450 I am restoring It needs replacement of 2 electric motors I have a set of 4 My questions is are the motors the same polarity or 2 of each - clockwise and counter clockwise Can i tell by labeling or do i have to test...
  3. Infinite_parts

    DJI Phantom 3 PRO Gimbal Schematics / Board file / Soldering

    Hi, Probably someone already touched this topic (then please just give a link to it) - do you know where could I get some schematics for P3P gimbal? If there is anyone who has tried to re-solder components on gimbal board I would be pleased to chat. Cheers
  4. M

    Soldering on p3s board

    Hi. I crashed my drone, and the compass connector snapped off. Im planning to solder it back on, but just want to know if any of you have any experience with soldering on a p3? Planning to buy a 30w iron, and 0,53mm 60/38 solder with 2%flux. I can see that there are 5 points to solder. Can i...
  5. B

    Severed Compass Wire

    DJI GO app displays compass error. "Excessive electromagnetic readings" Re-calibrate, Power cycle, if anomaly persists, call DJI for a solution. After a closer look I realized I had severed the compass wire with the leg clip while upgrading to the extended landing gear earlier that day. (Tight...
  6. TheWire

    Tinning DJI motor leads

    I'm changing the motors on my Phantom 2 V+ V3. The motors came with the leads stripped a small amount and tinned. The stripped portion was small so I stripped some more insulation off and attempted to re-tin the wires. I have a lot of soldering experience, but I could not tin the leads. I...