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    Does my footage from my P3A look soft?

    Hey guys. I took my P3A out for it's maiden flight the other day and captured a few clips with it. When I got back home to look at some of the footage, it looks a little soft to me. I'm pretty sure I had all of the settings right when flying, and if I'm right, I believe the camera focuses to...
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    Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    Hello, I upgraded from a Vision Plus last Christmas to a P3P and so far its spent more time with FedEx and DJI. (I will have to say that DJI got it in and out of the shop in less then five days.) I'm going to be sending it back for a third camera next week unless something changes by then. In...
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    New P3 Pro Still Poor Video Quality (Soft Focus)

    I'm hoping that it's just something I'm missing. I had a P3 Standard and was so unhappy with the video quality - blurry image and TONS of artifact. I returned it to Best Buy and not only exchanged but upgraded to the P3 Pro. So much happier with the RC and the aircraft itself. Seems way...