signal loss but rc still working

  1. S

    Lose signal at 200ft

    I just got my P3 3 days ago and every time I fly I get a "sting interference detected" warning and I tried flying high and I lose signal at about 200ft high
  2. O

    Phantom 3 Standard - Video Range - Signal Lost (following DBS modding)

    Hi all, I'm sorry to post regarding this issue again, but I'm out of ideas. I bought this P3S drone in Hong Kong 2 months ago. Immediately during my first flight out of beginner mode, I encountered signal loss of the video (meaning 2.4 wifi, not the RC signal). I tried to downgrade the...
  3. Patrick Pedersen

    Can I downgrade to the previous firmware?Signal loss but only the image,RC still working as normal.

    Hi again you all, I 'm now starting to panic a lot, got a job this weekend were I'll be flying over a 60 meter high bridge and 700 meter downwards and over an old town and back. After I updated the firmware in both the camera, the RC and the drone itself I've been having some real problem due...