signal issues

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    RC Signal Loss at Only 100 Feet

    Hi Got a Phantom 3 Standard, only last week, and was impressed by the technology. However I am getting so many error messages I am now wondering if something is wrong with it. Today I took it out into the 'middle of nowhere' as I was getting regular 'electromagnetic interference' warnings in...
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    P3S - can go far, can't go high

    I've been flying the P3S for a few months and I keep having the same issue where the drone would go out far but can't go very high. For example, I can go 200m forward but I lose signal at about 30m high. I don't stand right underneath the drone, I make sure it's in front of me and there are no...
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    How much does radio towers effect signal??

    I am new to this so I am not positive on the terminology, but I will try. I have 25? flights with a P3S, and have been loving it. I was getting a message all the time saying poor signal fly with caution. I was getting aggravated with it so I ordered a new Inspire 1 holder for a tablet, and while...