1. tml4191

    What fps do you guys shoot at when filming moving cars?

    I'm just wondering what fps you guys shoot at when filming a moving car. Is 24 fps better because of that motion blur, or will 60 fps be best because of its usefulness in post production?
  2. Malakai

    A useful tool I use for pre-planning a shoot

    Google Earth Pro... with a little something extra!! As its free for a pro license now and its free to use I use the google earth program to pre-plan my shoots. To get a really good idea of what I want from the shoot and how it will look when Im up in the air. Before I have even taken off or...
  3. M

    WP: Drones Home In On Property Rights

    On the front page of the Washington Post (print edition) this morning: You may be powerless to stop a drone from hovering over your own yard Drones Home In On Property Rights William Merideth had just finished grilling dinner for his family when he saw a drone hovering over his land. So he...