1. IamWedge

    Paul R. Tregurtha Great Lakes 1000 Footer Enters Duluth MN Port

    The Paul R. Tregurtha enters the Port of Duluth MN. The Tregurtha is also know as the “Queen of the Lakes.” It holds the title as the longest vessel on the Great Lakes at 1,013’ 06” (308.91m). Enjoy!
  2. IamWedge

    Great Lake Shipping 1000' American Century Enters Port.

    Hi All, This is the 1000 foot long American Century as it enters Duluth MN Port.
  3. R

    BIG SHIP SPOTTING - on Amazon River!!

    Aerial shots of big ships and vessels in Amazon Rivers (footage with Mavic Pro & P4P
  4. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Carnival cruise lines Legend liner in dry dock, Portland, Oregon

    This just in, flown at 3am while the pillow droolers slept:
  5. D

    What to Ship to DJI for repair?

    Hey Guys just a quick question. I'm getting ready to ship my P3 to DJI for repairs. I couldn't get a clear answer on what i need to send to them aside from the drone itself. Do I include the RC, SD card, battery or anything else? I'm going to put it in the original DJI box, and then put that...
  6. stargater07

    2.5km voyage to russian registered cargo ship at night

    First long distance run, made it across the sea out to a cargo ship anchored, sheltering in the bay... Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of my vids! Jason