1. B

    Dronexer - Free & ad-free non-profit app / website for drone guys

    Disclaimer: I contacted PhantomPilots via email and they permitted me to post about Dronexer. If you find this post inappropriate in any way please feel free to report it. :) Hi folks. I am Biser. The developer of I am happy to introduce you to Dronexer. Dronexer provides you...
  2. 28wins

    Phantom 4: post your Live Streaming link

    So I tried Live Streaming on YouTube from my P4 the other day for the first time. My data connection wasn't good which resulted in a smallish and washed out feed. But still, it felt powerful. And stressful as I knew my camera work wasn't tip-top and there was no way to "edit it out" in post. :)...