shaky video

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    Phantom 4 Shaky Footage

    I just got a Phantom 4 from DJI, and everything seemed to work fine, except that the footage is shaky. I'm thinking is caused by the props, motor, or the gimbal. I have tried calibrating the IMU and gimbal, and the firmware is also up to date. I took it to a DJI licensed retail store in the US...
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    Shakey Footage

    I have a P3 Standard that is having shaky footage issues. Before you say to remove the foam piece at the back, I already have. Here is a sample video of what is going on with my camera. (start video at 1:20) I'm not really sure what to do about this. I've tried seeing if it was the shutter...
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    Shaky Video Please HELP

    I have a P3P with all the most recent firmware updates. I am experiencing random jittery shaky video results and I don't know why. ?? I checked all the screws, did gimbal calibration (which helped ) but still it's not as smooth as before. I have close to 50 flights with smoothest video rresults...