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    Gimbal shake

    Hello, this is my first post and english is not my native language, so I'm sorry if im not very clear. I'm kinda desperate since this issue is appearing in almost every flight making many of my recordings useless. This issue happened to me before but it wasn't frequent, nowdays it happens at...
  2. M

    Extreme wobble

    I was flying my Phantom 3 Pro on a windy day (15 mph and less). I had flown for 30+ minutes without any problems until I got this extreme wobble which happened four times within a few seconds. I was mostly going forward and was not changing my altitude at all. I've never seen anything like this...
  3. D

    Phantom is Vibrating and video has MASSIVE jello.

    Hi, my name is Weston, and I'm trying to use my Phantom 3 standard for real estate video, but the bird vibrates like crazy, and the gimbal can't compensate, so video is unusable. I've tried shooting at 1/50th Shutter speed with a ND Filter, and that helps a bit, but video still unusable. I've...
  4. N

    P4 Advanced Video Vibration

    I'm wondering if other P4Pro or Advanced users get occasional vibrations in their videos. It's often very subtle however my Phantom 2 gimbal NEVER had issues like this. Here is a compilation of some of the worst vibrations. This was on a wind gust day however my previous P2 would have been just...
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    Phantom 3pro camera problem

    Whats up im having a problem with my 3pro watch this ! As you can see in the footage, there is some wiggle/shake. The ribbon cable has been changed because of a crash. Does anyone have same kind of a problem. Help would be great.
  6. I

    Wicked Shimmy

    Howdy Phantom Pilots, I bought my Phantom 3 Standard in mid-December. I have not flown it a lot yet... probably less than 10 flights total. However, one of my first couple of flights resulted in a botched landing. It seems to me that my drone has a wicked shimmy or shake. The camera footage...
  7. C

    Gimbal not working properly

    I replaced ribbon, shafts line up. Gimbal and cameras acts crazy on warmup and then goes limp!
  8. A

    Shakey Footage

    I have a P3 Standard that is having shaky footage issues. Before you say to remove the foam piece at the back, I already have. Here is a sample video of what is going on with my camera. (start video at 1:20) I'm not really sure what to do about this. I've tried seeing if it was the shutter...
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    Professional DJI Phantom Pro 3 Video is JITTERY/SHAKES (urgent!)

    Hi all! I am rather new here but have been droning for a while. I am really frustrated with my DJI Phantom Pro 3. Not only has the video been jittery, no fix seems to work. I tried with the gimbal, resetting, updating the firmware on everything, doing IMU (twice), and everything in between...