1. frands1

    My New Phantom 4, New YT channel and New Video (Simple 1st day Setup)

    Hi community. I sold my P4 and bought me a P4 Pro. I wanted to share my first day video, for initial setup. My YT channel is mostly about spanish content but this video has Spanish and English information. It's very simple so it won't help many of the users here, but it can maybe be useful for...
  2. K

    Help Needed With Setup

    Does anyone know someone who could help me with setup on a used Phantom 3, and give me a quick start lesson? I would rather be taught first hand than try to figure it out myself. I am in the Lindsay / Peterborough area.
  3. SoyFPV

    Fatshark Attitude V3 Setup with P4

    hey guys, I've been flying racing quads for about a year now and just picked up a P4 to start up my aerial videography business. I have a set of fatshark attitude v3 goggles which I use to fly my alien 5" build, is there anyway I can setup my V3s to work with the Phantom? Any help is greatly...
  4. tml4191

    HDMI tablet = Dual Screen Setup for P4P p3/ p4 w/ custom MOLD

    F/S is a Flysight HD900 tablet with 2 custom mounts. One mount is for a table, while the other is custom fitted for a dual setup on your RC. This is made out of thermoplastic, so don't place the mold in a hot environment that is 140+ Fahrenheit. It is currently molded for a iphone 6, but I can...
  5. Winelad


    Hi everyone , first of all thanks very much for the help last week setting up my first ever DJi P3 Standard - much appreciated . In all my excitement to get airborne I overlooked registering my drone for DJi care (insurance) and I have left it at my caravan this week (so don't know the serial...
  6. AZLI

    Phantom 1 Simple FPV setup

    Hi... manage to create simple FPV setup for my Phantom 1 using cheap equipment i could find... will post the photo soon....
  7. C

    FPV Setup: Monitor Mounting Options and Antenna Question

    Hello Everyone, As many posters here, I'm fairly new to the world of quadcopters/drones/uav's. I recently purchased a Phantom 2 (non-vision) with the v2 controller. My question has to do with some specifics with regards to an FPV setup. This is the gear I have purchased so far: FlySight 7...