1. Wjm

    Sunrise at Mallorca

    Enjoy a bit of fresh air while locked down with wjm dronie. Stay Healthy and keep safe.
  2. Wjm

    Port-Grimaud France

    New video ! I hope that you will enjoy it ! Have a great week and fly safe !
  3. Moses B.

    The Sea 3

    Hello from Greece ,this this my third video about the sea . Any comments or suggestions , are welcome . Thank you for watching .
  4. Bracco

    [P3A] Torre mozza, Tuscany italy (sea)

    Here my last flight :) Happy new year :)
  5. Zen Ho


    Travel to Hualien County, city along the coastline
  6. M

    First time flying over water

    Hi, I just got a phantom 3 standard for Christmas and it's my first drone so I'm a bit of a noob at flying. I've been flying pretty often on beginner mode but my Dads canoe club are going canoe surfing at the beach tomorrow. They want me to make a short promo video of them with my drone to...
  7. L

    A Spire Goloritzè whith Climbers and Sea

    A resumption dedicated to a famous spire with over climbers and down the precipice on the sea
  8. archetipo

    Discover Sardinia Island (Italy) Paradise Beach Amazing Sea

    "Best of" playlist in youtube channel of Sardinia island (Italy).Amazing transparent crystal sea.Phantom3 standard, edited in premiere and upscaled to 4K. Youtube Playlist with over 50 videos:
  9. wawakool

    Little feedback for this video would be great. Thank you

    Please thanks to give some feedback and advice that can help to do better style and quality. Shot with P3 1st drone video i put online Thank you very much :):):):):):):)
  10. Skyer

    Flying at the beach - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Finally got a chance to fly the Phantom next to the sea. This footage is from a recent trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, only a couple of weeks after hurricane Matthew... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  11. Amaury Descours

    Punta di Campomoro, Corsica, France. An aerial glimpse by drone

    An aerial glimpse of Punta di Campomoro, on the west coast of Corsica, France. Shot by drone in 2K. This area is one the biggest natural site in western mediterranean sea under the protection of the French government agency of littoral preservation (Conservatoire du Littoral). The coast made of...
  12. Zen Ho

    Beautiful beach inside Hong Kong GeoPark

  13. A

    Phantom 4 beach pics

    Mossel bay, South Africa Mossel bay, South Africa by ACJ posted Sep 20, 2016 at 5:25 AM
  14. F

    All at sea

    Hi all. I am brand new to drones. I am about to purchase a Dji Phantom 4 with a number of accessories which include flotation and the ability to drop items at long range. My requirements center on fishing. The main purpose for the drone will be at assist with the spotting of fish near the...
  15. J

    summer running - video

    Hi everyone! Last weekend in the Netherlands was the first weekend with really good weather this summer. So i took out the bird and created this summer vibe running video (performance credits go to my sporty girlfriend). Please watch in full HD and with sound on :) Let me know what you think...
  16. N

    Phantom 3 Standard over water at a local fisherman's cove

    After almost 2 weeks without flying due to high winds, I was finally able to go out this weekend and get some beautiful footage of a local fisherman's cove I have been wanting to film for a while. Check it out below !
  17. N

    "Sunset" and end of the day practice flight w/ DJI Phantom 3 Standar

    After more than a week with non-stop rain, I was finally able to get out and fly the drone again. This was shot during a quick practice flight at the end of the day. This is also the flight I went farther away and higher with the drone. I noticed that the average view time of youtube videos is...
  18. Dan Redding

    Sunrise Over Shoreham Port

    Hi Guys Myself and a friend (who is the pilot and owner) have worked together on one project before and decided to get together and do this as a showcase of what we can do together.. And to learn how to use the duel controls together.. Feedback appreciated. (More info on Vimeo description)...
  19. Erroll

    Judging distance over water - not easy!

    I recently did a long distance flight out to sea to try and film a passing container vessel. As far as I could recall one can see close to 5km from sea level looking out to the horison, and having done 5km flights before, I thought that this would be doable. I lost sight of the ship on my iPad...

    English Riviera 2015

    This is a compilation vid of most of my filming around my local beachs in the english riviera (sounds nicer than what iit is) this summer hope you enjoy, welcome any feedback!!