1. A

    I feel like I bought too soon, opinions welcome

    Hey guys... Please help (if possible). I bought a Phantom 3 SE 16 days ago I think (past best buy's return policy, though I'm going to call today anyway and explain why I'm pissed). I've been trying to learn how to use it, and using different apps. However, I keep finding that they won't work or...
  2. P

    Unable to register demo application by using the DJISDK

    I followed the AdnroidStudio tutorial mentioned in this link. Integrate SDK into Application - DJI Mobile SDK Documentation I keep on getting the error: register sdk failed, check if network is available Looking at the "adb logcat" provides me with a detailed error: Can you guys help me...
  3. russbarger

    Can SDK use progrmble buttons on DJI control to

    Need to have one of the two programmable buttons on the DJI remote send a signal to a third party attachment we are designing. Anyone use SDK to program those buttons? If so tell us if the drone processed the signal to the peripheral, or if you had a separate receive r and antenna on Phantom.
  4. T

    Mapping - Autonomous app's camera control

    Hi All, I have used lots of 3rd party apps in the past on other DJI Products with most glitches ironed out over the last couple of years, however I am new to the P4P, I use UAV's primarily for Mapping. I have tried MapPilot, Drone Deploy, and Groundstation Pro with the same glitch. I am using...
  5. S

    Phantom 2 legacy SDK?

    Hello I am interested in programming my phantom 2 vision plus. There used to be a software developers kit for this but now DJI only supports Phantom 3 and newer drones. I was wondering if anyone knew where I would be able to access the old developers kit information that applies to the phantom...
  6. Member

    Litchi waypoints: uploaded vs controller?

    Hello Pilots, P3P user here. I'm new to Litchi and haven't used it out in the field yet. I want to plan the missions very carefully (leaving lots of extra altitude in different terrains, always going above trees, and open fields, etc) but based on past experience, the video feed will stop...
  7. S

    Phantom 4 app development

    I read that Mobile SDK makes it available for developers to build apps to control the drone from any system, either mobile or wearable devices. I have a few questions however. How is the mobile device and Phantom 4 connected? Is there a way for the mobile device to connect to the drone without...
  8. M

    Remote Controller as relay, double the distance

    Hey guys, I bought a Phantom4, really nice piece of machinery. I have this idea about writing my own pre-programmed flights for P4 and I need some help on how to do that without electronically highjack/interface the remote controller. Any idea how to send commands to the remote controller...
  9. Y

    A participative open source app for DJI SDK, what do you think ?

    Hi, I have an idea and here is a best place to see if it's a good or a bad one. There are lots of third party apps using the DJI SDK, but I can't find any open source project where anyone could add the features he wants. So maybe it's time to make one. It will first start on Android. My idea...