1. T

    Phantom 3 standard Camera screw

    Hey folks, crashed my P3S today again and the camera tore off from the ribbon cable, where can i get the little screw that holds the camera onto the motor? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Nighthawk

    Lost screw on controller

    I just lost a screw or bolt on my controller and I am having trouble finding a replacement. I hope I can explain it correctly which one it is. So it's from the transmitter from my P3A. You know the part where you attach the phone/ tablet to, if you follow it down you first get the screw in a...
  3. S

    One of my propellers won't work anymore and I do not know what to do,

    I bought propeller guards for my drone and unscrew the bottom screws where I'm suppose to put in the guards. I only got to one propeller before taking it off and putting the screws back on and now when I turn on to fly it, the one propeller that I screwed with does not work. I tried tightening...
  4. N

    Replacement Small flat Screw on Remote (Device Holder)

    Does anyone know this part number or where I can buy a replacement? the small flat screw that attaches the tablet device holder to the remote control has vibrated out and gone missing. I am currently using a wire tie to hold my assembly together. No bueno. I can't seem to find the exact...
  5. K

    Yaw arm grub screw replacement

    Does anyone know if the DJI screw replacement set comes with the grub screw for the yaw arm? and if not what the size may be? I cant seem to see it there but apparently its "all the screws needed" from what ive been able to attain from google.
  6. J

    texture of new motors

    guys, just got the P3P (upgraded version)... I'm a bit OCD and but I noticed that 3 motors of out 4 have a rather smooth/shiny texture.... and 1 has a slightly 'powdercoated' texture... anyone notice the same on their motors? (photo attached has the black motor with the powercoated texture)...