screen mirroring

  1. T

    What's the state of screen mirroring?

    I tried searching but didn't find much. I've got a P4Pro with an Ipad display and might be deploying into eastern NC. What are folks using to mirror the drone output to nearby devices? I don't want the HDMI out option because I don't want to be tied to a cord. I've seen posts in the past talking...
  2. Pegasus Robin

    P3P iOS screen sharing

    Hi all Still anticipating the arrival of my P3P so in preparation, I'm looking for some info on how it's possible to do screen sharing on iOS. I've downloaded litchi vue and I've seen another app called dji screen share. Can anyone give me some guidance as to which of the 2 are better apps, if...
  3. K

    Most effective screen mirroring

    Hey everyone, So I am looking for the most effective way to project what the Phantom 4 is seeing onto a device which isn't connected to the RC in real time. At my disposal I currently have an IPad mini, a Samsung Galaxy s5 and a laptop running Windows 8.1 but am prepared to purchase another...