1. Sundevilfan

    Scottsdale AZ Airport Relaxed Regulations

    I had a very friendly and informative phone call yesterday with the FAA supervisor at the Scottsdale airport tower. There is a Scottsdale regulation that relaxes the no-fly zone from 5 miles to 2 miles. However, in my discussion with the FAA supervisor he advised me that the airport is still...
  2. Danoldo

    Hello to all from Phoenix, Arizona

    Hello to everyone! My name is Brad and am a 33 year old male in Phoenix, AZ. I just purchased my first drone the Phantom 4 Pro + and will be doing a maiden voyage here shortly today. Thanks to all in this forum for any support or information in advance!
  3. InforGuy

    Greetings from Scottsdale, AZ

    Hi Folks, New Phantom 4 owner here and I just this AM caught wind of this site from over on the DJI site. I like what I see over here so far. Right now I'm flying mainly for hobby but I have also just passed the Part 107 exam as I would like to fly commercially at some point as well. Just...