1. T

    Physics of Drones

    Give a drone to a physicist and he/she is likely to want to know how it works. Those with some science background might like to see The article includes power consumption for hovering, rising and moving forward, estimated from mechanics...
  2. ai_manny

    Hi, all! New S1000+ Pilot Trying to Fly for the First Time.

    My name is Manny, I'm a Geology PhD student at the University of Texas at Arlington just getting into drones. This is my first time being on a forum, so my apologies if I do it wrong, lol. It's good to meet everyone. I've been looking into doing research involving remote sensing on UAV...
  3. B

    Drone Vs. Lightning. The Charred Remains the Same.

    They call it science. Even if it is simulated, lightning is an awesome spectacle regardless: