1. B

    Did I just scammed from PhantomFilters?

    Around Feb 3rd I place an order on - Lightweight ND Filters & POL Filters DJI Phantom 4 & Phantom 3 FREE SHIPPING. I recall seeing discussion around 2015-2016 and decided to place an order for a 10 pack of filters. My payment goes through from my debit card and I received an...
  2. digital290

    Fraud? Scam? You tell me!

    I ordered a Mavic Pkg on 11-03-16 from a company on Amazon called yitamotor. I received notice that they were shipping 12-06-16. Today I got what they was a class 8 32 gig memory card with an apology that they were not able to ship my Mavic till mid to late January. They charged...
  3. S

    DJI Scammer

    On the 31st of May I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced for £520 expecting to receive it before a relatives birthdays which is tomorrow. I have battled with this "Company" for the past week and a half asking where my drone was the problem was all there phones and contact details did not exists...