1. I

    Number of GPS Satellites

    So I began to use UAV Forecast to plan my flights and I noticed that it by default recommends that you have at least 9 GPS satellites that are visible and to be locked on to at least 12 GPS satellites. I am curious if people that fly the Phantom 3 Standard abide by the guide line or do you all...
  2. S

    Litchi : satellites : zero

    I just installed Litchi and am using an ipad mini4 without cellular and was setting up the preferences at home (with wifi) and it showed zero satellites connected. Is that normal? If not why would that be.. any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks !
  3. B

    Phantom 3 Professional Flight Issue

    I have been flying my phantom 3 professional for about a month now. Every time I fly I try to go further but it will tell me "weak transmission signal" and the camera feed will cut out. This occurs after only about a few blocks away so less than 500 feet. I am at about 17-18 satellites whenever...
  4. Techcop50

    Satellite map images not loading on P4P Plus

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? If I boot the Plus controller up by itself (no UAV online), it shows great maps for China. But if I start the aircraft and get a GPS lock, it bounces over to my location with just very basic maps, and the satellite images don't zoom in at all, just gives...
  5. D

    Non responsive after latest firmware upgrades

    I have been using Litchi app for a while and decided to use the DJIGO app today. Says I needed the latest firmware for batteries, controller and the quad. Everything went well. TXT file shows all good. Now I start the DJI app and I get a warning about satelites are off, I'm disconnected and I...
  6. B

    Help with UAV Forecast Settings

    Since most of you guys use UAV Forecast I was wondering what do you guys use for settings. I know there are some defaults but I do not use them all. I know some people are going to say it depends on what you are comfortable with but I am looking for some sage advice. For example, what height to...