samsung galaxy s7

  1. S

    Dji go v4.0.6

    Hi all, new here, trying to get some info on the above update as I'm currently on vacation and confused what to do. I'm loathed to upgrade when it prompts as my current version (4.0.5?) Has shut down mid flight several times and caused my samsung galaxy s7 (latest firmware) to reboot - not...
  2. Brad.C

    Phantom 3 Standard and Samsung Gear Vr

    Hi there, I know there have been many discussions on this but I was hoping for further insight from a Phantom 3 Standard Owner. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as the Samsung Gear VR. I am looking to use my Gear VR with my Phantom 3 Standard to experience FPV with a...
  3. J

    DJI GO doesn't show the aircraft position

    Dear all, Today, I noticed an issue with DJI GO 3.0.1 : the mini map does not show the position of the aircraft anymore. This means the map is just full grey and 100% empty. Even if I've got more than enough sattelites (9 or 10). I've tried with 2 other devices, and it worked well. The phone...