salton sea

  1. SteveEsqueda

    New to this forum. P3S video and photo

    Hi all, New to the group. Nice page. Love browsing all threads so far. I put these on the P3S page up top and I guess that is for issues and not really for photos and videos. Oops. But, I can't seem to be able to delete it from there so sorry if you have already seen either of these. Here is a...
  2. SteveEsqueda

    video of Salton Sea Mudpots.

    These are the new mudpots that are at the Salton Sea in Niland CA. If you haven't been flying around the Salton Sea, I suggest it. There is so much to do and really nobody to tell you to NOT do it. :) The trek out to these was about 3 miles in the desert heat. Take plenty of water!!. and...
  3. NotARubicon

    Finally Got My Color Settings Right

    Since I got my P3A I have not been happy with the color I've been getting out of the video. Since all the online "experts" say I MUST shoot in D-Log, I tried that first. I'm a photographer and always shoot in RAW so I figured it's pretty much the same.. But no matter how much (or little) color...
  4. NotARubicon

    65 Jeeps at California's Largest Lake

    Over the weekend I led a group of 78 Jeeps on a tour of some of the interesting spots at Salton Sea. 65 of them lined up to make a giant "SOS" (Save Our Sea) on the shore. Looked awesome from the air:
  5. NotARubicon

    Boiling mud pots, drones, and Jeeps

    I got tired of flying and shooting video of my neighborhood so I picked up the phone, called a few friends with Jeeps and took them all for a drive down to the largest lake in California and checked out it's boiling mud-pots and abandoned Navy Base.