1. Chameleon99

    Will auction sales be a bargain towards christmas?

    Wondering if anyone has experience of auction sales becoming more competitive towards christmas, or am I best to shop around after christmas? Thanks
  2. A

    Brand new Phantom 4 Advanced Remote, Box, props, charger for sale

    Yep, everything but the drone and camera..... because yes, it's gone …. Altitude error combined with in experience resulted in a high speed tumble into a lake. I purchased a new one from the boat and now have extra everything else. I'm selling the new remote, charger and box because you'd...
  3. P-2

    P4 Advanced Sale prices ?

    Has anyone Ever heard of a P4 Advanced being on sale for $799 ? Anywhere on Planet Earth........... a YouTube video mentions them on sale for that price but I can’t locate it no matter where I check. Just wondering......... TIA
  4. E

    Black Friday 2016 Sales Start!

    Just got a great deal on fitness site on Black Friday, whats more..... they are offering upto 80% discounts on some items and min 20% flat. Do check them out Source :