1. P

    Class D & E airspace.

    So can you guy's give some info on the different type of air spaces as well as the restrictions some may have. I live in a Class D airspace and I haven't been flying lately due to this reason.
  2. jimerb

    Autopilot - Is there a Homelock Equivilant?

    I'm trying to get used to Autopilot. One thing that I'm missing right away is an easy way to return home like with Homelock on the DJI Go app. When I bring up the map it isn't making it as easy to find where I am. I liked having a green line pointing me directly back to my home point. Is...
  3. jimerb

    Range Anxiety - What's your comfort range?

    I'm wondering what an experienced flyer considers a "safe" range to fly with the phantom 3 in a suburb area? (Single and two level houses) I've had my Phantom pro for 3 days now and I have about 15 flights under my belt. Admittedly I'm still a wimp with it because I don't want to lose it...