safe flight

  1. R

    A cautionary video

    Just a video I saw on Facebook about being safe while flying your drone. Tongue in cheek but,
  2. T

    So what CAN we do?

    Hi all! So I am a new phantom 4 owner looking to both get into flying commercially as well as for personal fun. I've read an exhausting number of articles regarding the mess surrounding drone regulation. I want to play by the rules but find that living in Los Angeles I'm virtually not allowed...
  3. Sim597

    Things pilots should avoid while flying

    I actually did a search first to make sure this wasn't already covered. I'll start by saying it was on this forum where a pilot flew to close to his car, had erratic behavior and crashed his bird, I know it seems simple because we are pre-warned about this, and to the OP of that posts'...