1. Helihover

    Largest Waterfall in the Pacific North West!

    I have filmed this waterfall before, but we just got a decent rain fall. The river is flowing pretty good here in these shots:)
  2. HuckleberryStyle

    ON THE ROAD WILD WEST :: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, & Glacier National Park Big Sky Road Trip

    We love road trips! We spent several days exploring Montana and Wyoming (with a pit stop in Deadwood, South Dakota) visiting Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton National Parks. Below are our quick tips and reviews. Our Itinerary: Drive from Rapid City to Deadwood, SD (because we love the...
  3. FlyGary

    Wild Horses in Salt River Arizona

    This started out as Litchi pano mission for sunset and turned into something totally different. A team of wild horses out for an evening splash on the Salt River NE of Phoenix. Altitude was around 50 and they were oblivious to the P4. I wish I could say I had planned this but I didn't know I...
  4. WV_Owl

    Kanawha Falls, West Virginia

    Kanawha Falls, West Virginia This is my... - David Aaron Boggs | Facebook
  5. E

    Cancun to Tulum

    Check out this video shot primarily with phantom 3 advanced in the Mayan Riviera
  6. N

    Southern France - Beziers - First ever drone video!

    Hey Guys! - So i bought my first ever drone a few weeks back (Phantom 3 Standard) and after some super nerve racking moments i managed to capture some footage i am really proud of! i would love it if you checked it out and let me know your thoughts. I am always looking to improve and would be...
  7. nkosi

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

  8. The Jalapeño In The Colorado

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

    Red Bud Isle, Austin, Texas The island in the middle of the Colorado River was formed during a 1900 flood after a dam collapsed. It also looks like a jalapeño!
  9. dotcomray

    Eno River - North Carolina

    Put together a video from this weekend's flight in Durham, North Carolina.
  10. dougvg

    P3 performance in high winds.

    Each day, I shoot the same sequence of stills and video along this stretch of central Arizona's Verde River. These images will be used to test a new technique of monitoring changes in the River's flows and the health of its ecosystem. Since it's important to get as complete a record as...
  11. E

    California rivers, streams & waterfalls

    Check out this video Mohamed Hassan - Featuring spring in the Yuba River and... | Facebook Mohamed Hassan - Featuring spring in the Yuba River and... | Facebook
  12. AndyGB

    Exploring the ravines of Toronto

    One of the many pretty ravines that wind through Toronto, Ontario.
  13. Skyeyevideo

    Henley Meadows alongside Henley Regatta course...

    Henley Meadows alongside Henley Regatta course... -
  14. Skyeyevideo

    Another Thames side aerial video!!

    Another Thames side aerial video - Buckinghamshire / Berkshire border - Chiltern Hills country -
  15. Skyeyevideo

    Mapledurham house in Oxfordshire

    Here is an aerial video I did recently of Mapledurham House on the banks of the river Thames in Oxfordshire.