ribbon connector

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    Phantom 3 RC help (Need Ribbon)

    Hello all, Recently discovered right joystick and RTH button mounts had failed internally - I Took apart, and upon opening the case the main/con ribbon popped loose from main board before I unlocked it. This seemed to weaken the ribbon connector's ability to lock the cable down. After...
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    Howto : Replace your damaged RC ribbon cable

    Hi, I read a lot of threads here about the P3 flat "con board / main board" ribbon cable. It's a very sensible cable that you can damage when your open or the RC or manipulate it with a pliers. I damaged mine when I installed the DBS mod (topic here : iPad not recognized after DBS itelite mod)...
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    Connector Gimbal P3 Adv

    hello, My name is julien and i'm looking infos on the two white connector of gimbal. First i'm looking for the connector, but i can't find the same, i'm search on Molex but it's not perfectly the same... Second, i try to discover what is connect to different pins. On the 8 pins connector, I...