1. Film Nation

    Altitude limitations

    Hello, I just bought the new Mavic Pro platinum to complete a job for one of our corporate clients which is a global company of transportation. They need us to take a whole picture of a production plant, located in an area where no planes fly, where there is nothing around but this big complex...
  2. jeffcutler

    Airspace Authorization - Ongoing

    Greetings pilots. First off, love this site, the community, and the wealth of knowledge collected here. I'm a new drone owner - Phantom 3 Standard; a professional writer and photographer; and, as it happens, a REALTOR. I do a few more things, but these are the relevant items based on my...
  3. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Q: Flight Restrictions when not connected

    Per the release notes for the new FW version v1.11.20 (emphases mine): 2. For increased safety, the flight is restricted to a height of 30 m and distance of 50 m when not connected or logged into the app during flight, including DJI GO and all apps compatible with DJI aircraft. All log-in...
  4. J

    DJI - to BRICK drones unless registered? (UK)

    I have just been told about this article and wondered if anyone else has heard about this - I cant see anything in the forums and tried a search. Is this something we need to do or not? I registered my P4P when I got it but do I have to do it again, im based in the UK.
  5. D

    Drones “Should Also Be On Associations’ Agendas"

    The legal article linked below was blogged by an attorney targeting associations (HOAs) and real estate developers claiming: ". . . the use of drones raises novel legal issues that developers and associations should consider and plan for. Developers should consider including certain...
  6. David Cooke

    You think Canadas NEW RULES are a problem?

    If you think the edict from Transport Canada is a problem for recreational fliers . . read the small print in their Staff Instruction 623-001. . . Anyone who has an SFOC likely skimmed over that Note: but I am working on achieving "COMPLIANCE" . . so I have actually been reading it. Note...
  7. R

    Restriction Areas in Savannah for a new pilot

    Hi everyone I just got my p4 last week and wonder which restriction areas map in Savannah should I refer to? There are a various of different versions of maps having different definitions of restriction areas in Savannah. Is there any "authoritative" map for a new pilot to understand the flying...
  8. R

    No Justification for Night Flying Restriction

    The Night Flying Restriction has nothing to do with Safety. It's all about control and accountability. We should also condemn DJI for rolling over on all these nonsense rules and helping the FAA by the limitations they place within the software. We have all been found guilty before any crime has...
  9. F

    P3 4K Range Restrictions (CE) - What's Best?

    Hi All, I'm new to the site and figured you guys would be the best people to ask about range restrictions and what can be done to get more from my P3 4K as I only seem to get around 200m range. I've seen various pros and cons on ARGtek but not sure I'll be confident tampering with the...
  10. M

    More restrictions

    This is in Western Michigan. Usually they are pretty hands off, but a few people have complained and of course here we go. Ottawa County parks system looks at rules on drones, hammocks
  11. O

    Philadelphia, PA area flight restrictions

    Hopefully I'm posting in the right section. I do apologize if I'm not. I live in Philadelphia and recently flew around the Art Museum and Boat House Row area right off of Kelly Dr. There's a parking lot right near the roundabout at the back of the Art Museum where I took off and landed. I got...
  12. Duncan Campney

    DC Area no-fly zones. IAD radius shows as 7 miles?!?

    I have seen an official document on the FAA website that the total ban on UAV in a 30 mile radius of national airport has been lifted. However, the FAA's B4UFLY app has not been updated to reflect this fact. I live inside the 30 mile radius of National, but outside the 15 mile radius, so...
  13. A

    are the NFZ maps accurate

    I am in Nelson BC and flew my Phantom 3Pro successfully in the school yard of a school. But today I was going to give a demonstration to a group of students and the phantom would not fly as it reported that I was in a NFZ. Checked the dji map of NFZ and there are none around Nelson BC. Whats...
  14. beatnik

    Responding to law enforcement

    Does anyone know if law enforcement on the local or state level are getting instructions on dealing with drone pilots? Aside from the negative stereotyping we see, which undoubtedly also changes how cops see drone pilots, what do we say when stopped? Looking at DJI's and FAA recommendations as...