replacement parts

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    Dronerr Parts - 2nd hand parts with a 12 month warranty????

    Hi, I have come across this website which looks like it has answered all of my prayers. It sells phantom parts used, so that they are much cheaper but it also comes with a 12 month warranty which surprises me. Has anyone had any experience with this company, I haven't heard of it before but it...
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    Advanced P3 Advanced Flex Cable Shield Replacement Part

    Hello, Done my fair share of googling and attempted to get help from DJI, not having any luck so far. Received my P3 Advanced yesterday, bought it from a store online and already knew there were some gimbal issues, price I paid made it worth it. Long story short, the one thing sticking out to...
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    Replacement Small flat Screw on Remote (Device Holder)

    Does anyone know this part number or where I can buy a replacement? the small flat screw that attaches the tablet device holder to the remote control has vibrated out and gone missing. I am currently using a wire tie to hold my assembly together. No bueno. I can't seem to find the exact...