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  1. P

    Stupid move

    Setting up a drone for scouting fish in the ocean, I made the stupid move of drilling holes through the landing gears to mount a longer landing gear and floats. Drilled right through the compass wires, although the antenna was not damaged. I am having trouble finding a parts list and getting...
  2. J

    Replacement Gimbal Camera Pins Issue

    Hey everybody... Crashed my P4 last week, completely ruined the Camera Gimbal unit. I ordered a replacement from DJI, but the power connector seems to have 5 pins... My old camera unit had 4 pins... Anybody know what this is about?
  3. F

    Phantom 3 RC help (Need Ribbon)

    Hello all, Recently discovered right joystick and RTH button mounts had failed internally - I Took apart, and upon opening the case the main/con ribbon popped loose from main board before I unlocked it. This seemed to weaken the ribbon connector's ability to lock the cable down. After...
  4. L

    DJI Zenmuse X5 Gimbal repair?

    Hi, Not sure if I am posting in the right thread of the forum, apologies if not. My Inspire crashed and now the camera needs repairing. Any suggestions for where would be the best and cheapest place to have this done, UK or abroad? The silver element needs to be replaced and the band retuned...
  5. C

    Do I need a wifi cable replacement?

    Wrecked my P3 Standard into a tree and it fell 8 feet after the computer didn't counteract to wind very well. Anyways, it ripped the camera and gimbal off and stripped out a ribbon cable and what I believe are the wifi cables. It also broke the baseplate. I ordered new anti-drop pins, a cable...
  6. M

    Phantom 4 Camera Stopped Working - Need Advice

    So I have been flying my phantom 4 around this first week or so and it has been great! Though yesterday I had a minor crash and fall, I hit a tree at a fairly low height and speed. 1 Propeller broke others scuffed up, hit the ground landing gear first, and 1 side of the landing gear has a...
  7. Sam Flynn

    Drone Crash Repair

    Hi there I just had a mishap with my P3S when it flew into branches and crashed to the ground. Long story short, the camera and camera mount are now detached from the drone and the wire and mount are severed. I've attached photos below. At this point, I've figured out that I need a new yaw arm...
  8. TidewaterGibson

    Really Nice Gimbal Replacement Parts!

    I had a bit of a mishap and broke the roll arm on my P3P. While searching for replacements I came across this supplier - DJI Phantom 3 Pro, Advanced Gimbal repair replacement arms and kits - who has both printed ABS-like plastics and CNC machined aluminum parts. Both types are finished in...
  9. D

    Phantom 3 Battery Cage Tray / Main Board Support Mount

    Email / Pm me for info Extruded plastic main board mount tray, for repairs, basicallly OEM, some are off colored a bit. I do Paypal for $34 USD shipped to you, to [email protected] Also available here: Dji Phantom 3 Battery Box Main Board Support Tray Internal Structure Working on...