1. FilmicDude

    Business/Insurance Question

    I received my certification a few weeks ago and I'm in the process of securing insurance; my broker just sent me this: "The underwriter did have a question, will you be getting a consent form signed prior to using the drone at a customer’s premises?" I asked her if the goal was to provide...
  2. clackey

    Mavic Release Discussion

    Hey all! Lets use this single thread to discuss the new mavic launch so we don't end up with a dozen different threads. DJI Mavic Product Page - Mavic - Wherever you go
  3. clackey

    GoPro Karma Release

    Hey all! The Go Pro Karma was unveiled today at Let's keep this as the official thread for the unveiling so we don't end up with a dozen different discussions. If you didn't catch it then you can learn all about it here - To go deeper on the Karma...
  4. M

    I air dropped a beer to my neighbor 1/2 mile away with my P3

    This farmer was the proud recipient of my first beer drop a couple months ago!