1. chamanea

    Mini 3 EU conformity

    Hi, does anyone know where I could find the EU declaration of conformity (« Red ») for the DJI Mini 3? I´my importing the drone in my country and this is required by our frequencies agency… I looked under EU Declaration of Conformity - DJI but nothing there (yet?) thanks
  2. J

    Oof, I'm Stumped

    I've got a problem with phantom 1, when I connect a battery to my drone it flashes red, yellow, and green and my drone does not respond to my controller. I tried using the Naza mv2 assistance, however, i could not connect my drone to the program itself. I made sure to install the driver needed...
  3. T

    RED-LED Controller after firmware update.

    Hello Folks, First of all, let me introduce myself and say a warm welcome to all of you other Phantom pilots. I Hope that i can become a contributing member over time. Now to my problem, when i turned my drone on today, it said that i had to update the firmware for the controller, so i did so...
  4. SoCalDude

    Red Rock Canyon (Mojave Desert, California)

    Flying my Phantom above the cliffs at Red Rock Canyon State Park in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Captured by my DJI Phantom 4 in 4K resolution on December 18, 2016 My other videos are at the following link:
  5. Y

    Red colors coming out pink

    Hi, I have been using my P4 for 6 months now. I noticed that everything that is red (T-shirt, house roofs) are turning on the pink side in the image (on screen and footage). This is especially true when sky is grey. I have played with contract and WB but could never really improve it. See...
  6. N

    3 problems - considering to have it sent for service

    So after a couple of months I'm not really happy with my purchase. Problem 1: I always have compass problems no matter what I do (tried every trick in the book) and where I am. This makes me a nervous wreck every time I fly. Problem 2: After the latest FW update my HDR images started having...
  7. Bobby

    Recovery from water damage, red light and other problems

    I regret to say that I had an incident with a dead battery over a saltwater pool, and now I have a mostly inoperable drone. When it first went down it was in for about 30 seconds, when it was recovered we used a hair dryer on it and it's inside as well once I got the cover off. I plugged a new...
  8. mitchell Guthrie

    Hard crash P3 Std. - Constant red\yellow\green

    Crashed hard into a tree, camera got ripped off, props all broke, drone fell to the ground and motors would not stop turning. Ended up having to pull the battery and got the tops of my knuckles chopped off in the process! When powering up now I get the normal tone then constant red\yellow\green...
  9. A

    Interesting info HealthyDrones brought to my attention

    I have only flown in my backyard and within a 300 foot radius (yes, very conservative so far). When I loaded my telemetry into HealthyDrones I found something strange (at least I think so). I uploaded 6 flights and the first and last flights show sensor data all in the red, while the middle 4...
  10. P

    What does this light sequence mean?

    I am getting the following light sequence after 15 no problem flights. 2 long red light flashes followed by 4 short green flashes. It has happened every flight since. Full satellite count. Did IMU recal successfully. Flying in the same location I have since I bought it. Does anyone know what...