1. S

    Not recording on SD Card that has room

    I've experienced a problem with an SD is a card (Lexor) I have been using without problems, but after taking it out (twice now), I find that it is not adding any new files even though the software is telling me that recording is taking place. Unfortunately, I didn't know until I got...
  2. DigitalSkyPilot

    Headset/ Record

    How do I activate the record button while using a headset on my p3s. ? .
  3. C

    Cannot change settings or see record button

    I'm using an iPhone 4 to control my drone and lately and it's been working perfect. The only problem that constantly happens to occur is I can't see any of the buttons on the right when in flight mode. I can't see the record button, photo button but yet I can see the three dots in the top right...
  4. A

    P4 Camera records nothing

    I connect the camera and iPad app - says connected - camera set to auto/jpeg etc.- set for take off - flies normally - start video - says recording - stop video to take some stills - sounds like the normal shutter release with screen flickering black - continue flight - land - click on the card...
  5. D

    Audio Capture - Phantom 4

    So, I'm a new and excited Phantom 4 Pro owner (I've only been drooling over the Phantom 4 since it came out!!!) and I've been doing a little research. So, the P4P camera does not capture audio. So much the better, makes for more bandwidth to transmit video. But, as someone who is debating on...
  6. M

    Night Filming HELP?

    I recently tried to record some footage on Phantom 3 advanced at night, but in post, i found it ended up with a lot of blue video noise. I was wondering if any of you could advise me on what settings to use or if there is any way other then darkening the shadows in post to get rid of the noise...
  7. jamesb72

    Waypoints - cannot see camera recording status ?

    Playing with waypoints, which is still very strange to me to hand over control ! Once you store and play the waypoints, I cannot see if video is recording, as the waypoint box covers the camera status on right of screen which normally shows recording/counter. I've been listening carefully as...