real estate videos

  1. jofus

    First time Using Autopilot

    I figured I would share this quick "teaser" video I made for a realtor I am working with. I'm still working on the full version where I will include the listing information and longer shots, probably about 2-3 minutes. This gig is the first time I've used Autopilot, and I have to say, I'm quite...
  2. DronePilotOne


    Anybody use OSMO or OSMO+ for shooting real estate? Care to share your experiences? :sunglasses:
  3. D.Bennett

    Addicted to Aerial!

    Hey ya'll Daniel here from Houston, TX. Early this year I took an interest in aerial footage. Now I'm full blown ADDICTED! I've had the chance to fly the Phantom 4 several times and am saving for my own investment; maybe the P4 Pro. I'm interested in taking this amazing hobby to the next level...
  4. J

    Real Estate Drone Photography Website

    Hey everybody! I recently got my Part 107 Remote Pilot license around a month ago. I live in the Dallas, Texas area, and am looking to start producing drone videos for realtors in the area. I have started a website to document tips and tricks I learn as I go. If you are interested, here is the...
  5. h8tow8

    Looking for feedback on our latest P4 video.

    Hi everyone, We're progressively trying to produce better content with our aerial media promoting custom built homes in Newport Beach, we wrapped this one last night and want to solicit feedback or ideas for improvement from Phantom Pilot community. Any input would be much appreciated...