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  1. Helihover

    No More Pano Missions from Drone Base:/

    It was fun while it lasted, but DB is now phasing out the pano mission option we once had. You can still get out and do a few before it completely ends by logging on a pc and adding your mission to your dashboard. Truth be told, it’s been awhile since I’ve been paid for a pano..... Meanwhile...
  2. D


    I'm a certified part 107 drone pilot looking to start making money with my drone. I have a phantom 4 and Im wondering where I can find people looking to hire pilots to take shoots of there real estate to sell ?
  3. jofus

    First time Using Autopilot

    I figured I would share this quick "teaser" video I made for a realtor I am working with. I'm still working on the full version where I will include the listing information and longer shots, probably about 2-3 minutes. This gig is the first time I've used Autopilot, and I have to say, I'm quite...
  4. P

    Drones for Home Inspections?

    Hi, I'm a hang glider/paragliding/powered parachute pilot who wants to get a drone to fly with me...and to use as a tool for home inspections (no more climbing on roofs?) I am at square one regarding this topic, and could use as much guidance as possible. It's good to be here (the videos I saw...
  5. D.Bennett

    Construction Site Progress Shoot ???

    Is there anyone here that has flown construction sites for site progress photography/videography? I'm wondering if you would share a few things: - Price range to charge? - Contract or No Contract? If so, what are the terms? ex. How often are the updates required? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) -...
  6. jdwarren

    Against the law to do real estate photographs with drone?

    Hey all! TL;DR Is it illegal to do drone photography in a neighborhood if the neighbors call the cops? So a friend brought up a valid point in regards to droning in residential neighborhoods. Scenario: You are taking pictures of a house in a busy neighborhood with lots of houses around...