rc firmware

  1. Daskid

    RC Firmware compatible with AC Firmware 01.03.0509

    Hi All, Does anybody know which RC firmware version works best with AC firmware 01.03.0509? I am experiencing an issue with transmission where the screen flickers then a green screen appears. The same flickering and green screen issue is being recorded in the micro SD card from the AC. I have...
  2. S

    2017-05-27 F/ware Vers, SD card protected

    good evening, in a real pickle here and need some help please P3P. Latest GoApp 3.1.10 ... Latest iOS 10.3.2. What RC version should align with latest P3P A/c fware v1.10? I have RC at v1.8 according to the app. Ran P3P a/c firmware upgrade to v1.10. The upgrade seemed to end successfully...
  3. C

    Downgrade RC from 1.6.0 to a earlier

    Is there a way to downgrade the RC firmware from the 1.6.0 to a earlier version? And if could, is a earlier version available somewhere yet? I think the 1.6.0 is where the RC tx power was reduced
  4. K

    P3 Firmware help with P3 RC FW

    i am trying to upgarde FW for RC but its doesn't say anything needed app: 2.8.3 version: N/A remote controller: 1.6.0 is this ok ????
  5. D

    Firmware issues with P4

    I've had a slew of issues after updating the firmware of my P4. And it seems that the app will not allow me to rollback the firmware for the RC (it didn't save the previous version). The aircraft was able to downgrade, but it won't fly when the controller and aircraft are different versions...