rc disconnect

  1. gilang adi

    How to fix it

    i should try from youtube but rc did'nt connect, i try manually just a same not connecting again
  2. M

    phantom 3 std link button HELP!!!!

    Hi! I recently bought a dji phantom 3 std and after using it sometimes the linking button fell off and now i cannot link the aircraft with his rc. i would like to know if someone knows how to install it. it has 4 contacts in the mainboard but i think theres only 2 which i need to connect. Thanks...
  3. Rockdweller

    Nothing definitive that I can find on RC disconnect

    I've roamed the forums and tried everything in the book but am still at wits end with this problem. I turn on the remote, turn on the drone and hook up the usb and at first the drone lights act normal but then they flash showing that the RC isn't connected. The green light on the remote says...