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    phantom 3 4K range extender advice help

    Please help I’ve been trying to research from what I can tell so far it’s looking like the itelite would be my best bet but I’m finding all kinds of mixed reviews on each one I look up can anyone give me first hand experience?
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    The new easy safe method to activate FCC Mode on Phantom 3 Standard

    Many broke down controllers with FCC mode of activation. Me was developed completely new FCC easy safe mode activation method on your Drone.
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    I bricked my p3s with ftp range mod - let's fix it together

    I did range mod from Phantom 3 Standard range mod , let's do it together... and now my drone's RC doesn't create Wi-Fi access point. This topic is for those unfortunates who've done the same and don't know how to fix it. So please share your situation and ideas. I used mac, filezilla and vim to...
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    EU/FCC: Is there some hack to get the EU version to transmit with FCC power?

    Hi! I live in Norway, and thus have the EU-standard power level, and I am pretty sad about the limited range I have on my drone. With the "ARGtek range extender" (ebay it), I get just about 500 meters (this is an inhabited area, so there are probably quite a bit of interference - haven't tried...
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    FPVLR Air Side Booster Mod Install help

    Hi all, this is my first time posting because this is the first itme i could not find what i needed through the search....anyway i bought the air side booster mod from FPVLR.com (link) and i knew that it wouldn't come with installation instructions, but i cant belive that there isn't anything...