1. Zen Ho

    Dragon Boat Race 2019

    Dragon boat race around HK every year, Mavic 2 is the best drone to handle all the track and trace, flying in between the dragon boats, feel like you are in the race~
  2. Ozzy

    camera knocks out my gps on my fc40?

    I got this fc40 back in november and have been having a good time with it. I upgtraded the props, got a few more batteries and have had a lot of fun with it. A buddy of mine recommended that I get a FPV setup for this and figured it was about time. I grabbed a ccd camera (usmile 650tvl drone...
  3. D

    Looking to hire professional drone pilot

    Hey there, I am a video producer and looking for a professional drone pilot who might be interested in being hired to fly a drone in a video shoot. We are looking for someone who has their own equipment, and can do high speed, flips, and anything else that would be considered "advanced". We...
  4. M

    Community Engagement

    Hey guys! Just found this forum and got really excited to see so many people eager to meet and converse with one another about flying. I personally enjoy building and flying drones and particularly love taking out my phantom to fly. I'm in the cusp with my business of launching a new community...
  5. A


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    Anyone headed to CES?

    If so, you should check out the Vuzix race, think it's the only race @ CES. Lot's going on there! More info here: CES Vuzix Drone Racing Cup – January 5-8 2017 -- they'll be livestreaming all the races, interviews with pilots, etc. Or if anyone wants to come by our booth, we'll be in the Sands...
  7. seb evans

    feedback for future indoor drone racing, teaching etc.

    Hey fellow drone flyers, I have been looking into a possible business idea its in the very early stage and i need help from you all. What i need is an idea of how many people in the drone community would be willing to pay a membership annually for use of a drone racing track fully lit with led...
  8. clackey

    Are you Ready to Race?

    Ever considered drone racing? We recently launched to support the growing interest in the racing sport. Come join your fellow Phantom Pilots to discuss and dive into this exciting new sport!
  9. Filip Ionita

    WANTED: Drone Pilots - British Drone Racing League

    WANTED Course Designers & Pilots of all abilities. An airy “Hello” to everybody on this forum. Togethia Media Services is the Production Company running the new British Drone Racing League. We want to run an event this March and film it for a TV pilot to kickstart the series. We have two...
  10. Jack Ley

    Racing Drones

    Hey, anybody else fly the racing drones when not flying their Phantom? I just bought my first one, it's a 250 class, Storm Buster. Yesterday was my first time flying, it was a blast, but boy is there a steep learning curve, it really makes you appreciate how easy DJI made the Phantoms to fly...