purple lines

  1. Albin W

    Camera showing white/black lines in overexposed areas after minor crash

    Hi, i recently had a minor crash with my Phantom 3 4k and now the camera shows odd behaviors that i haven't found any information about. So basically what happened was that i flew into a tree at about 1.5 meters height (4-5 feet) and the drone crashed into the grass under the tree. The camera...
  2. Ozz

    Green Purple Glitchy FPV on Phantom 4

    Bought a used P4, tested ok at the time on IPhone - but I am having possible issues now when i try use Android... The screen is glitchy, especially when close by - and it can actually reboot the whole phone if you try to do anything fancy like "point of interest". I get a reception like the...
  3. McGuy281

    Purple Lines Video Issues

    Just bought a new P3P and whenever I use video mode, there are random purple lines covering the screen. They happen at random but sometimes my screen is full of them. It doesn't happen in picture mode, which works without issue. This issue ruins all my videos so I'm pretty PO'ed as it is. I...