1. B

    Drone noob seeking advice

    Hi everyone, My 9 yr old son has expressed an interest in the Phantom 3 drone. I have a friend willing to sell me his Phantom 3 Pro and a barrage of accessories (nice carrying case, 4 batteries, etc.) for a wonderfully fair price. I am quite excited about getting into it and ready to pull the...
  2. Nighthawk

    Looking to upgrade my (crashed) P3A

    I had the P3A from when it got released and never had any crashes or collusion until now. I miss judged and flew at full speed with the wind into a tree. It destroyed the camera, cracked glass, broken gimbal motor and completely snapped it off, the battery case and the quad frame cracked, bits...
  3. M

    New Guy in the Neighborhood

    New to the group. I'm in GA I'm in market for actual first purchase. I hope not silly question but do I buy best I can or..... a lesser model first. Do I buy a bundle like from internet or through DJI or whoever. I am really wanting to get into this Hobby/Addiction as I've seen posted.... I can...
  4. mingga

    drone 4 plus purchase

    I am looking to purchase a new Phantom 4+ drone, first time user of DJI drone. Wanted to ask if it is better to buy the 4+ without the screen and add a tablet like the NVIDIA Shield or buy the Phantom 4+ with the integrated screen....any experience or preference?
  5. DigitalSkyPilot

    FOR SALE NEW P3 Advanced Camera and Gimble

    I have a new in the box P3 advanced camera and gimble. Shipped to you for $275. PayPal
  6. V

    DJI Store

    Hey everyone, I am new to the whole drone & fourms world so i am sorry in advance if i am doing anything wrong & if i am please dont hesitate to let me know I just recently put a few orders in on the DJI store app this past weekend & the shipping status still says pending... does this happen to...
  7. 5 Tips How Safety to Fly Phantom 4

    5 Tips How Safety to Fly Phantom 4

    I'm going to give you some important tips for both flying and safety. Enjoy this video. If you’re looking for the best drones for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Purchase link: http://www.yitamotor.com/dji-drone/phantom-series.html
  8. J

    Buying a new P3 advanced

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my P2+ to a new P3 professional... Is now the best time to buy or or do you folks think that a new model might come out soon or a price reduction? I know that there will always be a new model and technological advances at some point - I just don't want to be the...