public safety

  1. Cellblock776

    Anyone (else) doing Security patrols with sUAV?

    I see a lot of "public safety" agencies adopting UAVs for doing law enforcement and fire scene uses. What I don't see a lot is using them for regular patrols and surveillance in a private security role. I work for the Public Safety (security) department of a large hospital system. Our...
  2. S

    Help! Suspicious death!

    Hello, My name is Samantha Lynn. I am investigating the suspicious death of my mother, who was found deceased in a pond on my grandmother's property. I know its a long shot, but I was hoping to gather any and all images you may have from August 1,2017 between 1230pm-230pm, at 1365 Shannon Road...
  3. Fletch911

    European Working Group on Drones Publishes White Paper

    Remote Piloted Airborne Systems (RPAS), known more as drones, are transforming the approach to emergency management. As a support tool, they can lead to quicker and more efficient interventions, offer enhanced situational information and provide direct help, such as dropping life-saving...