1. R

    When a random guy makes your movie way more exciting!

    I was filming another boring Aerial of a Dam here in Scotland when this happened... That livened things up a bit! what happened next? who knows ;)
  2. K

    Litchi gimbal settings unreliable on missions

    I've created and tested mission with every variety of settings I can thing of, Focus POI, Interpolate, curved, straight, with signal the whole time, without signal. Best I can figure out is sometimes the gimbal does what it's told other times it doesn't. Something like 60/40 fail. I'm using...
  3. K

    Litchi - Home point not changing using P3S

    I click and drag the 'H' to a new location Press 'OK' on the confirm dialogue Then the home dot stays in the new location for a second before moving back to it's original location. I'm using a iPhone 6s, running the latest Litchi software on a P3 Standard. I can reset the home location using...
  4. J

    Gimbal Disconnected Phantom 3 Standard

    I'm going to smash this thing... Last September, my P3S decided it wanted to get a closer look at some trees, so it flew into them. I didn't get around to fixing it until a few weeks ago. I bent the roll arm and tore the ribbon cable. Good thing I had on a solid gimbal guard and thats all that...
  5. yjander

    Gimbal goes crazy

    I had a crash landing after clipping some branches about 5 feet off the ground. No props broke or anything like that, but when I sent to start it back up, the gimbal yaw arm flails to the left and right. The roll arm moves up and down as well and the camera moves all around like its having a...
  6. D

    New video it's my 4th one! I need opinions

    Please give me your opinion on my newest video, I took all the advice from my last opinion thread. It was taken with my P3S. my YT Stray Films Video:
  7. Glitch

    lastest firmware update number ?

    I have a new P3S - has firmware etc - App ---2.9.1 Version 1.2.40+ Wants me to update firmware - What is the Latest firmware # is it stable- Any problems -- have read that 1.6.8 has problems ?? is there anyway to tell what latest updates for P3 Standard version is?? - Thanks - Jay
  8. A

    Can't decide!

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard drone and sent it to be inspected/quoted. Gimbal was beyond repair and main board has transmitter damage preventing it from connecting to the DJI pilot app. All in all I'm better off buying a new drone. The inspection place charges a shipping fee to recover my...
  9. L

    P3S and non-DJI battery and Litchi app ...

    So I just purchased a non-DJI battery for my P3S (expecting it this Saturday), then read that it may not work. Then I also read that it WILL work if I use the Litchi app (I currently use DJI Go app). So, I guess I would like to know two things from users that have experience in this situation...
  10. M

    My first flight was a disaster!

    This time last week I ordered a P3S which was delivered Friday. Never owned a a drone before but thought it would be fun, and it was, for 30 minutes. Long story short it decided to take a quick dip in the sea and I got just as wet retrieving it. I threw the battery in the nearest bin and rushed...
  11. W

    P3A widw angle lens

    I'm trying to get videos on my lake, tracking silt runoff. I have to get to go to 400' to see the shore line and full width of the lake. Is there a lens (add on or replacement) to get the same view at about 200'?