prop guard screw

  1. D

    New Motor/Prop Help

    Hi Guys, new here...If only I knew about this place before yesterday ;o) So I made the infamous mistake of using the prop guard screws without the guards, all 4 motors are shot. So I ordered T-Motor antiGravity! MN2214 V3.0 because they seemed to be popular on youtube. 1. are these a good...
  2. L

    Used P3P DOA - ESC Error - Fix? Cry?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a gently used Phantom 3 Professional at a pretty fantastic price from a friend via Facebook who is moving up to the Mavic. I saw it fly... photos, videos, everything looked great. Unfortunately, as my friend packed it up for shipping cross-country, he realized he...
  3. Eric1084

    Help: P3A Prop Guard Screw Issue

    Hello everyone. So I bought a set of Snap on/off prop guards from eBay. It claims to "Fit All Versions". I measured the screws to be 12mm. But if I am not mistaken, isn't it supposed to be 10mm for the Phantom 3s? Does it matter? Thanks.
  4. J

    Phantom 3 Adv ESCs & Motors

    Ok, so had prop guards on and flying like normal, but then did a firmware update.... silly me to remove all the the props/accessories for the update and use the long guard screws again... Now... I am getting an esc error and all 4 motors are not working. My question is: Did the guard screws...