prop balance

  1. Teamfour

    UPDATE: But Still Balance those Props!

    I grabbed a set of unbalanced props this afternoon and put them on my P3P. Shot the following video and you can see the vibration in the landing gear. Video footage however was very smooth. I then put a balanced set on and the landing gear was steady as can be (no video shot). Take the time to...
  2. Drestin Black

    Propeller Upgrades for P4

    So, two simple questions that should generate a lot of replies. I'd really like it if replies were limited to experiences of those who've done it and the results. Carbon Fiber Propellers - what's different? Pros & Cons Balancing Propellers - how often do the OEM DJI Phantom 4 propellers need...
  3. dhsprogis

    Balancing propellers with a motorized jig

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to improve the balance of my props. When I first launch my P3, I look for a nice steady hover. When the drone wobbles, I know one or more props is not fully seated or it's out of balance. You would be surprised by how many props come unbalance off-the-shelf - but I...
  4. ryantrax

    Du-Bro Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

    I just got a Du-Bro Tru-Spin prop balancer, Man I love this thing. What is everyone using to balance props? My setup: Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer Du-Bro Products 6mm Quadcopter Prop Balancer Shaft