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    Is Phantom2 programmable?

    Hello, I received the part that controls the drones with coding in the project. But I couldn't find out that Phantom 2 is programmable. So my question is... Is Phantom2 programmable? If possible, please let me know more about the open source address or it. Thank you. :)
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    Programming flight route p4p

    Hello. I am in Dominica. our island was recently devastated by a monster hurricane Maria. i have lots of experience and flight hours but never used any sort of programming flight route. Now a client wants me to film recovery progress by flying on Exactly the same path and height every while. I...
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    System Developer/Drone Noobie help on UAV flight plan creation

    Hi All, I'm a drone noobie and looking for guidance on purchasing the correct drone technology to help address my specific use-case. I have a web application that I want to modify and integrate with a ground station / drone system to support a fully autonomous UAV operation where I can have...
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    Programming a Gimbal?

    Hi, I've had a DJI Phantom 1 for a little while now, I bought it used. I use it with the Futaba T8FG transmitter. It works fine, but it's missing a gimbal. I already got a "home made" 2 axis gimbal without a gimbal controller. I'm thinking about buying this one: HMBGC Micro Brushless Gimbal...
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    Phantom 2 SDK - Programming

    Hi, I dont really know anything about programming, but I really need anyone who can programm my P2 for (payed), adjust 3 different altitudes, and set a straight route for each of them. Sorry about my english, I am really terrible. Here is the example, 1.Initially locate the drone at a specific...