1. bluebird

    Camera Profiles Not Being Saved

    Was wondering if anyone else is having trouble saving to Camera Profiles. Especially Renaming 1 of the 4 to something else. There seems to be some bugs with that portion of DJI GO 4. Also noticed something when fooling around trying to save them, the Gimbal starts to drift left or right...
  2. DaRana

    Nuking the DNG Camera Profile [Now w/ script]

    UPDATE 11/20: Added some details about a one-step import + profile-nuke script to new post on page 3 of this thread You can see more details in the Readme - GitHub - darana/P4P__color-profiles: Color profiles for the Phantom 4 Pro drone Update 10/3: See Dingoz' post page 3 and his dedicated...
  3. tml4191

    Who Likes The New DLog Profile? -Poll-

    Who thinks that the new dlog is superior and why?
  4. rickray

    Professional Making my P3P drone less obvious at customs

    Hi flyers: In a few months I'll be visiting a third world country which does not yet have a fixed policy about allowing tourists personal use drones like the Phantom 3 Pro. Arriving baggage is x rayed and there are reports of many people getting in without issue and others of people having...
  5. P

    Standard User Profile in DJI GO

    Hi everybody... I am new in P3 world... I've installed DJI GO, created a profile and logged in. After logged, Under the flight info... I have two profiles... My user name, and one that says Japz. they're both showing the same flight data, even i have not flight with my phantom. Another thing...