pre-flight checklist

  1. ethanunzicker

    My Pre-Flight Checklists

    I thought I'd share my custom pre-flight paperwork with you all. I work for a county agency and we like to be very thorough and cover all of our bases. So in additional to just 'following the rules', we go above and beyond to pre-plan and document all of our flights. I created a UAS Operation...
  2. S

    Online P4 Checklist - Soliciting Feedback

    Hey Guys/Gals, I'm putting together a comprehensive checklist and making it into a web form that can then generate a PDF document and email to specified email address. I've done lots of google searches on pre-flight checklist, and just wanted to get some feedback on if what i have is to much...
  3. S

    Pre-Flight Checklist App

    Morning all. Does anyone use any sort of pre-flight checklist app on their iPad before they fly? I am looking for some sort of app that is either pre-made, or can have a pre-flight checklist template that I can check off before I go out. Let me know. Thanks Scotty
  4. H

    Preflight Checklist

    Hey guys! Just got my p3a. Looking to make my own preflight checklist. Instead of starting from scratch I thought I would ask you. Do any of you have a PDF of maybe images of pre flight checklist you use? AND what are some key things to keep in mind that could be easily overlooked. thanks!
  5. kptw_pilot

    Phantom 3 Standard Checklist

    I created a solid checklist for pre-flight and post-flight for the P3S. I see some online, but they are not exactly print-able, so mine is formatted and set up to be a tangible checklist to bring with you when you fly your Phantom. If anybody has any other ideas on modifications I should make...