post production

  1. B

    Noisy footage - Post production issue?

    Hey all, I've pretty recently bought a Phantom 4 Pro and it has better video quality than my Mavic Pro I had before. However there's a _lot_ of noise in my footage. Is this only a postproduction issue or is there any of my settings completely off? Obviously i'm shooting at 100 ISO, I also...
  2. J

    Two videos from Argentina and looking for feedback

    Hi! New to the forum and recently had my P4 with me on vacation in Argentina. Shot two videos on the trip in Mendoza and Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires was a challenge for footage at times, but here are the videos. I have recently combined the P4 footage with some footage from the ground via GoPro...
  3. DronePilotOne

    4K video - and then what?

    So you come home with superb video, shot with the ultimate ISO, FPS, and shutter speed settings, having used the optimal filters...and now you want yo transfer and edit your genius aerial recordings in 4K. Only...your hardware doesn't do 4K, so now you either have to convert to a less desirable...