1. G

    P3P RC Always Poor Signal

    Hello! So i don't know what is going on with my P3P. Hope to get some help here. I can't fly it for more than 200' because i loose communications with he drone. Every time i check i get RC Poor signal even next to the drone.. Any advice on what i can check to fix this issues?
  2. A

    Phantom 3 SE camera, poor quality

    After few evening flying, I think this one (Phantom 3 SE) has a very noisy camera... I used ISO 100-200, but seems to be worse than the other Phantom 3 models... Any ideas, or experience?
  3. D

    Video is all grainy

    Hi, Wander if anyone can help with this. I was recently in Iceland and filmed a lot of waterfalls and other snowy landscapes. Upon reviewing some of my footage, a lot of it seems to be extremely grainy/noisey and basically un-useable which is very disappointing. At some points during my...
  4. SoCalDude

    GoPro is Recalling its Karma Drone

    GoPro is recalling its Karma drone ...
  5. D

    P3S poor video range!

    Hi All I'm sure that this issue had been discussed lots of times but despite searching the internet for fix I was not able to find a solution that would work for me... I bought my P3S 2 weeks ago and right out of the box I've noticed weak/poor video range... In the city, surrounded by buildings...
  6. G

    P3S Range issue.. Firmware? App?

    I'm getting pretty frustrated from the upgrades & downgrades of the P3S. I have had this range issue where it RTH on short range every time. I have seen posts on downgrading & I have used all the firmwares to test & still poor range issue. I have seen posts on Downgrading the App as that was...