1. G

    Survey for school (please help!) about a golf tracking software

    I am working on a project for an engineering class, we are assessing the feasibility of the economics of a golf ball tracking technology, and we would really appreciate it if you all can fill it out! Link is here: Golf Ball Tracking Technology
  2. heightsaerialmedia

    Where the money at?

    Interesting article we read from UAV coach, recent study shows where the most money is being made in the industry. We recently spoke with some from Converge industries which stated that pilots were having the most difficulty with real estate jobs and therefore staying away from them. What do you...
  3. tml4191

    Who Likes The New DLog Profile? -Poll-

    Who thinks that the new dlog is superior and why?
  4. OOO

    Simple Poll: Happy with DJI support?

    I think, this poll may help DJI to improve their customer service/support. Thank you in advance for participating in this poll. ***It seems that we can only vote in web version of the forum.
  5. thefrisbee995

    Which of these are best?

    So I took some photos today on my P4P and was wondering which of these 3 photos do you think are best? I've had my friends telling me the second one and my partner saying the third (which I think I might like the most). The picture chosen will go on my website gallery. Images are here!
  6. Dharszolin

    Crash Poll

    I just bought, and have been flying, my P4 about 6 weeks now and find it extremely stable. In fact, it seems quite difficult to crash, unless of course I do something deliberate, like fly it into a wall in sport mode, or back it into a tree in "P" mode. The purpose of this thread is two-fold...
  7. Phantomix

    What is the furthest away you have ever flown? (Poll)

    Enter in the poll! I know one of these has been made before, but they have both been in the P1/P2 sections, and I was wondering what people have gotten with lightbridge.
  8. M

    WP: The Age Of Drones (Editorial)

    Washington Post editorial: Drones should come with transponders that make them visible to conventional radar. Standards might also be needed to ensure that the communications devices linking drones to users are robust. True, it would probably be possible for criminals to skirt these safety...
  9. DroniRoma

    Invitation to LiPo Fire Accident Assessment Free Survey

    Hi folks! We just launched the LiPo Fire Accident Assessment Free Survey on Google Forms. LiPo Fire Accident Free Assessment The purpose of the Assessment is to build and share a free data base to document, analyse and increase awareness of LiPo Fires accidents happening worldwide...
  10. reboot81

    Poll: How many batteries do you have for your P3?

    Thought it would be interesting to see how many batteries P3 owners have available. So please fill in your total number of 4S LiPos you have, not how many spares.